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With the introduction of our first volumes of Non-Photorealistic Entourage, People Volume 1 and Trees & Plants Volume 1, your Architectural Illustration work just got easier!

NOW! Introducing the Wang Wang Collection Trees & Plants Volume 1:
a bolder, more free watercolor style as an alternative to our more traditional watercolor offerings.

Each NPR was meticulously hand painted and digitized at resolutions ranging from 650 to over 2000 pixels tall! Entourage Arts has brought you these collections alpha masked PNG format a compact an loss-less file type. While most 3D modelling & rendering applications support PNG files, please try our free samples in your application before purchase. You will be able to use these files in applications such as Adobe Photoshop®, Piranesi®

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"I realized there was a real need for this product" says Susan Sorger, founder and President of Entourage Arts. "Because our efforts are focused on the NPR Entourage, we are able to provide painstakingly detailed and masked images of a caliber that few individuals have the time to achieve in completing a rendering assignment. Filters are easily employed on the NPR Entourage, and this allows for even greater versatility and artistic value in the final image."

We look forward to expand our product line with a greater variety of cutouts, skies, textures and artistic styles. Your suggestions and input are welcomed. Please Contact Us.

"NPR has become a hot topic in design visualization and these collections are ideally suited to address those needs. Designers are finding that some clients respond more positively to NPR renderings. Increased interest in applications like SketchUp and Piranesi make these new collections timely releases."
-- Randall Stevens
CEO & President of ArchVision --

"Well it looks great. I love the non-photorealistic imagery; happy to see that you're doing this."
-- Tyson Kartchner, @ Last Software --

"I've been anxiously waiting for this for a while. Glad to see you got it rolling. You ROCK!!! Keep up the great work." -- C.M. --

" particular I like the watercolour cutouts and the way you have blended them into the scene so well."
-- Nick Ansley, Informatix Software --

Our entire Landscape Collection has been converted to SketchUp "face-me" shadow casting components.
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By adding our Watercolor Entourage you can Transform your 3 Dimensional model into a
2 Dimensional Work of Art.

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These renderings were created with entourage from Entourage Art.
Copyright © 2009 Entourage Arts
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